We’ve recently received many questions concerning gravity - where does it come from, how does it attract particles to each other, and if it attracts particles, how can it be used to slingshot spacecraft? Gravity is an enormously important concept, so instead of blabbering some half-assed explanation, I decided to post links to some great resources that can give you a primer on the history, mechanics, and implications of gravity.

How Stuff Works: Gravity - This is a pretty decent overview

The Elegant Universe - Mostly about string theory and the “theory of everything”, Brian Greene does go over gravity. Besides, if you haven’t seen this yet… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?! it’s available to watch for free in it’s entirety on PBS’s site.

SimpleGravity - another site dedicated to explaining gravity and it’s inner workings.

Wikipedia’s article on Gravitation - because, well, c’mon… who doesn’t check wikipedia?!?!

If any readers out there have links they’d like to share, please post them in the answers below, won’t you?